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Publisher: Cave Gaming

The story begins in the frigid tundra where teeth chatter, winds howl, and only the few accustomed to the bitter cold such as the rhinox clans trudge on without complaint. Although the tundra often feels empty and ever-stretching, there are lurking creatures and hidden places just waiting to be found.

In this adventure, the party must embark on a daring expedition to transport an ailing explorer to a sacred shrine hidden deep within the ice caverns under the tundra. Time is of the essence, as the magical malady threatens to consume the explorer completely. Along the way, the party will face treacherous terrain, unforeseen dangers, and cunning foes that hunt the party and their new found Frost Dwarf allies…

Adventure Stats:

This Adventure can be played as: a one shot, embedded in any campaign, or as the final adventure of our 3 part mini-campaign
Approximately 2-3 hour play time
Balanced for parties of 4-5 Level 3 Player Characters
Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e and Kobold Press’s Black Flag Roleplaying (Now BFR. Formerly the Core Fantasy Roleplay or CFR) system.

Included in the Adventure:

Recommended Adventure Hooks for Players
Suggestions for Spin-Off Adventures
Table of 10 Underfrost Encounters for Game Masters (GMs) to prepare Random Encounters
Table of NPCs to help GM’s prepare a Frost Dwarven Escort
NPC Stat Blocks for 4 members of a Frost Dwarven Party
7 New Monster Stat Blocks with suggestions for strategy and loot (Slaglings, Jeweled Beetle, Shadowbeast, Magmawurm, Momoku, Rock Ooze, and Arctic Troll)
3 New Magical Items
A Professionally Crafted Battle Map
Rhinox Player Options (5e Race as well as BFR Lineage and Heritage)

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