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Publisher: Arcknight

Arcknight Tokens – Out of the Box Encounters

A heavy mix of classic enemies like Orcs and Zombies, alongsize a wide array of special and unique enemies.

Out of the Box Encounters is a 147+ piece set of art, with artwork curated from Arcknight’s archives, or created specifically for this campaign. It was designed specifically as a companion to the “Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition” hardbound book by Nerdarchy.

VTT Tokens are sized to 256px x 256px, color boosted with enhanced highlights and shadows specifically to maximize contrast on busy backgrounds – perfect for online VTTs such as Roll20, Arkenforge, Foundry and others.

An online resource is also available at to browse artwork.


Arcknight Tokens: Out of the Box EncountersPrice: $8.99