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Publisher: Agon (A Game of Nerds)

This is a free quickstarter, you can find the final core book PDF here

We are in the future – a future where everything is already decided. A divinity has descended on the Earth, offering humanity the peace and tranquility it so desperately wanted in exchange for the freedom to determine its own destiny. But this well ordered existence has cracks at its edges: other entities, sneaked in hidden from the merciless gaze of The One Who Has Many Names, in the shadows have contacted desperate people who were eager to become their own masters once again.

Arcana Familia is an esoteric sci-fi ttrpg with an original rules system based on Blackjack. No dice required, but you will need a playing cards deck to play it

This new edition will include:

An original rules system based on Blackjack and cards
The Arcana Familia Setting – in particular Earth Union 
Rules to play both Aos and Lost Children
New powers and new equipment for Lost Children
A new Dynasty for Aos
 A free app to perform Challenges without a physical deck of cards and to automatically calculate the values of the Contracts
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