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Publisher: Singing Flame

Aquilus #3 looks further into the strangely exotic world of Aquilus, offering numerous flavor elements and random tables. We delve into concepts inspired by science-fantasy, sword & planet, bronze age, far future, and post-apocalyptic genres, all infused with a hallucinogenic fantasy overtone.

We’ve also commissioned original art for the first time in Aquilus (the last two issues contained public domain art), with new illustrations by Huargo, Mark Lyons, Chris Malec, Stefan Poag, and Andrew Walter.


Two new character classes, the Starchild and Florian.
New gods & deities which exist within the immaterial realms of symphonic music, and who worships them.
A table for generating colossal megastructures.
Rare and dying languages spoken in Aquilus.
A table for generating engineered viruses and plagues, which are created to perform some very unusual tasks (not what you think!).
Commercial tourism and leisure activities within the various astral and hyper-dimensional planes.
A table for generating fantastic localities and the entities that populate them.
And much more!

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