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Publisher: Cthulhu Reborn

This is the APOCTHULHU System Reference document. It contains all the open content from the APOCTHULHU RPG. We informally call this game engine the “Misery Reborn” System. Whether you are a publisher or a gamer, you can use this under the terms of the Open Gaming License.

This is NOT the APOCTHULHU RPG Core Rulebook, which is a 330-page color book featuring extensive illustrations and game examples throughout.Neither is it the APOCTHULHU Quickstart, which is a briefer (but equally beautifully decorated) book which is a Pay-What-You-Want download.

This System Reference Document is, however, a perfectly playable (if unillustrated) version of the rules. If you’re a player, we hope that you might be tempted to check out the full or Quickstart version of the game. If you’re a game developer looking for a thoroughly open set of game mechanics based on a lineage of time-worn d100 games, we hope you’ll consider reusing these rules for your own purposes.

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