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Publisher: High Quality Raisins

Thanks for checking out my stock art. If you’re interested in seeing more, follow me on Twitter @rynafly, or check out my website:

This stock art product features 1 illustration in a character portraits in 3840×2160 resolution at 72dpi. It depicts an aasimar in a rocky landscape with some hella dramatic lighting and two angels of dubious intent in the sky.

Stock Art License


  • Images are licensed for use in a single project and may be used in advertisements for the same project. Artwork may not be used in other stock art collections, or individually.
  • Images may be edited for such purposes as fits the project, including but not limited to resizing, rotating, cropping, and recoloring, as long as the original artwork is recognizable.
  • The artist’s name must appear in product credits.


  • Artwork may be used without restriction.

Angel of War - Stock ArtPrice: $5.00