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Publisher: Unicorn Motorcycle Games

Join the Coven and serve your community as a modern-day Witch in An Ye Harm None. Using Tarot cards to create scenes, confront conflicts, and discover themselves, Witches will gather together to fight evil, confront systemic oppression, and keep their communities safe. Create unique and important stories about blood and found families, the purpose of being, and the love we share with each other through integrated storytelling and a unique approach to interpreting Tarot as a game mechanic.

An Ye Harm None is a game for anyone interested in fighting back against the evils of the world through growth and magic. No familiarity with Tarot is necessary. The game comes with a Tarot guide called the Book of Shadows which each Witch uses to understand the cards and frame scenese. GMing is shared between all of the witches, taking turns as Source, the one directing the chaos of the world. Witches work together and apart to protect the most vulnerable and themselves from meddling cruelties and darkness.

The Initiation Edition is an ashcan for the game, offering basic rules for play, a Book of Shadows, and a ritual guide for the Witches. Grab a tarot deck and join in the magic.

Players: 2 – 4 
Time: 3 – 4 hours
Age: 16+

An Ye Harm None: Initiation EditionPrice: $10.00