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Publisher: Bloodstone Press


The Daughters of Ares and the Daughters of Odin… 

A Mythic World of Chaos and War…


Amazons vs Valkyries: The Cult of Odin


Pages: 16
Game System: OGL 5E 
Genre: Classical Age (Greek/Norse Mythology)

Mystery cults are secret societies within religious institutions. Like other secret societies, their existence is well known, but their rituals, lore, and objectives are concealed. Only the initiated are allowed access to these secrets.

This file provides an overview of mystery cults and specific details about the Cult of Odin, one of the most important and influential deities in the Amazons vs Valkyries setting. 


Sample cult secrets
The location of Odin’s main temples  
Festivals and sacrifices held in Odin’s honor 
4 New Artifacts: Mead of Poetry, Mimir’s Head, the High Seat, and Gungnir
1 New Spell: inspire fury
Paladin’s Oath of Battle Fury
Paladin’s Oath of Boundless Wisdom
Paladin’s Oath of the Death Bringer

If you’re playing an Amazons vs Valkyries campaign, this cult is essential. If you are playing another fantasy campaign with a deity of War, Death, Poetry, Magic, and Wisdom, you should still check this out! And if your campaign doesn’t have a powerful god king who drives mortals to war in preparation for an  impending cosmic apocalypse, it should! 

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