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Publisher: Raymond Towers

The Skinny: Over 220 pages of prompts created by Bard AI, focusing on post-apocalypse adventures and scenarios.

The Fat: For RPG gamers, writers and storytellers who enjoy End Of World scenarios, I’ve put together this massive resource. It is action-adventure focused, with a ton of prompts and ideas to create many exciting and brutal stories. The main categories in this resource are:

1. The Apocalypse Begins – how it all falls apart; ideas from pop culture, mythology and scientific speculation

2. Post Apocalyptic Locations – brief descriptions, two so far, New York and Tokyo

3. Post Apocalypse World – possible future governments and supernatural elements

4. Lamentations – brief, remembering what was lost, two so far, Chicago and San Francisco

5. Survivor Groups, General – where and how to survive

6. Survivor Group, Fusion Force – preppers versus medieval mages

7. Survivor Group, Max And Alice – for strong leading protagonists, inspired by Mad Max and Resident Evil

8. Survivor Group, Stargazer Marines – high tech military force, defending the nation

9. Survivor Group, Sgt Rock and Sgt Fury – low tech military force, defending the local population

10. Survivor Group, Young Aztecs – low magic ‘The Warriors’ type gang based in Los Angeles

11. Rebuilding Infrastructure – specific tasks to create plots around

12. Threats Against Humanity – what survivors have to worry about

Note that this resource may contain apocalyptic descriptions and political ideas that may bother or even offend some readers. These were included both to bring awareness of such ideas from a neutral standpoint, and also for realism, due to present day tensions that could potentially push the world into the dark scenarios outlined in this book.

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