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Publisher: Aether and Steamworks

Aether and Steamworks is reborn! With new Class and Ancestry abilities, a refined system after hundreds of hours of playtesting, updated art and layout, GM Section for storytelling assitance, more options for modificating items and equipment, more magic, more power, more Aether! 

Aether and Steamworks: 1.5 Edition includes:

  • A 402 page full color Core Rulebook with everything needed to play a multitude of campaigns.
  • Setting information for 7 different worlds,including all their major cities, interest points and story hooks. Each world brings its own specific themes and “flavor” while being tied into the greater universe.
  • Details about Space (Void) travel, combat, Airships, Warmachines and rules on ship to ship encounters!
  • A Rapid Creation NPC system for GMs to quickly create encounters on the fly, without having to rely on pages and pages of memorized information. Once you know how it works, you can make infinite monsters, npcs, and give them all unique abilities, keeping every encounter fresh and your players on their toes! (Bestiary and Faction information still included however). 
  • A new but familiar d20 system designed to make games fast, exciting and engaging at all times, with Reflexive Actions that can be used on any turn for players, keeping them invested in teamwork even when it’s not “their turn”. 
  • A Quick but Deep character creation process that takes all of 30 minutes but leaves you with a strong understanding of who your character is and why they act the way they do. 
  • 20 Ancestry options all with their own unique ability gains after level ups, leading to a different experience every time you play!
  • 8 Distinct Classes that are customized as you increase in levels, with a variety of flexible play styles in every Class.
  • Equipment, Weapon, Armor and even Character modifications that add to personal choices!

Aether and Steamworks is designed to focus on players, making them feel empowered, special and awesome, as well as many gamemaster’s desires to be able to create campaigns that let their imagination run wild.   

Aether and Steamworks 1.5Price: $19.99