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Publisher: SharktopusGames

Are You Ready To UNLEASH A Veritable Menagerie Of Mythical Monsters Upon Your Players?

You ready to TERRORIZE… TORMENT… and TORTURE Your players?..

…You ready to challenge them and see if they’re worthy of being hailed as a hero of Ancient Greece?..

You better have said “HELL YEAH!”

Whether your campaign takes place in our Ancient Greek setting… In Lankhmar… On the Purple Planet… The Empire of the East… Mutant Crawl Classics… Umerica… or your own doesn’t matter because this brand new volume is going to help you bring the wondrous and downright terrifying to your campaign thanks to 36 new monsters inspired by Greek mythology for your Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

The Ancient Greeks measured their heroes by their mighty deeds.

And nothing will test your players’ mettle, luck, and their standing with the Gods, like a battle to the death with an epic monster.

Your players have better rested and healed up ‘cuz they’re gonna need all their HP, Spells, Abilities and Luck if they want to defeat, let alone live to tell the story of their legendary battles with these mythical monsters!

We guarantee your players have NEVER encountered any of these monsters before!

They’re new!

They’re fresh!

They’re deadly and fun to use!

Just wait until they have their very first encounter with a Catoblepas!

They’ll forever be afraid of every wild beast they see from there on out.

The hideous Catoblepas is a disgusting grey wildebeest whose gaze can kill and breath reeks of death

You’re going to love the “Monsters of Myth” monster manual and find it to be an invaluable resource for your games for years to come.

Don’t delay, grab your copy today!

*This is the PDF ONLY version

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