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Publisher: Porcupine Publishing

The archives of the Society of Jesus contain a mysterious letter, which tells of a group of some fifty Frenchmen who entered the salt marsh beyond Uruçumirim and were never seen again.

The letter also speaks of a ‘great treasure’ brought by Captain Remy LaSalle, leader of the expedition. In the years since, no banner company has found this supposed treasure. And now a group of young adventurers has gone missing while searching for it.

Will your group succeed in tracking them down and bringing them home safely?
Or will they simply become the latest victims of the Curse of Ipaúna?

Number of participants: One mediator and 3 to 6 players. The ideal number is five participants in total.

Time: 3 to 6 hours, depending on the players’ choices.

Recommendations: The Curse of Ipaúna is ideal as an introductory adventure for a new
group of characters and is easy to use in an existing campaign. It’s particularly useful if you want to introduce new characters to an ongoing story: simply have the new characters also apply for the job of finding the missing boy.

The group should have between them at least level 1 in Tracking, Land Navigation, Canoeing and Foraging. Combat skills will be important, although not all the challenges of the adventure can be overcome through force. Diplomacy and negotiation skills will be of paramount importance in completing the mission.

Adventure: The Curse of Ipauna (Elephant & Macaw Banner)Price: $11.00