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Publisher: Monkeyfun Studios, LLC

Once again, welcome back to Malice. In your return, we hope you bring the solace of what you have seen in other places, other times. We know there is an unspoken understanding here that there is something beneath the surface. It weighs upon us, and slowly drags us downward. Perhaps your return will lift us back into the sunlight. Or more likely, you’ll drown in the shadows with us. All the same, we’re glad you’re here.

This collection provides three new playsets that go beyond the normal settings described in the initial book. Feel free to modify these Playsets to your own tastes and overall preferences.

Bet the Devil Your Head – Inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this playset takes you to Midwinter Malice where the villagers prepare for a rumored French invasion. Little they expect an entirely different type of intruder.
And Also The Trees – Inspired by Twin Peaks, this logging town in the Pacific Northwest comes to grips with one of their local teens found dead, wrapped in plastic. But it’s anything but what you might have seen before.
What Lies Beneath – Here in Målus, Norway, the town lives off its former industry when two unsuspected benefits rise from the earth beneath them. The third surprise is not so pleasant.

We think of you often. Bless.
~Your friends at Monkeyfun

Acts of Malice, Volume TwoPrice: $6.99