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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

This digital rulebook is accessible in any browser and integrated into Roll20.

Explore a wealth of peril and personalities for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

When you’re just starting out in the adventuring business, it might be nice to have a leg up. It can be a big help to have access to the powerful artifacts, expertise, and jobs that Acquisitions Incorporated (Acq Inc) has to offer a new franchise. Join Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, and Viari like never before with the new Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book for Dungeons & Dragons!

Set yourself up for success when pursuing your own fantasy-business endeavors, using all the ingredients you need to include Acquisitions Incorporated in your D&D campaign, to establish your own franchise, and take on specialized roles therein. Plus, there are always openings coming available… Just try not to think about why.

Acquisitions Incorporated has arrived on Roll20!

Build characters in minutes with new options in the Roll20 Character Builder:

Drag & Drop 7 new spells onto your character sheet to seal a sweet deal (if you “accidentally” point out the queen’s son looks like a hog, use the gift of gab!)
Sail to success with 2 vehicle stat blocks, the Battle Balloon and Mechanical Beholder
Embrace entropy with the Verdan race, telepathic masters over mind and mouth who never stop evolving
Play hard, but work harder with 5 unique backgrounds (escape your parents’ shadow as a celebrity adventurer’s scion)
Drag & Drop 6 spatial magic items onto your character sheet to instantly arm your character, like the gravity-altering wheel of stars or the phase-changing dimensional loop

Play with Less Prep on Roll20:

Kickstart your franchise with The Orrery of the Wanderer, a complete campaign designed for characters levels 1-6
Rise from rags to riches with 14 full-color adventuring maps ready for exploration, including pre-placed tokens and full Dynamic Lighting support for walls, doors, and windows (Subscribe to access Dynamic Lighting!)
Drag & Drop 140 NPC and monster tokens onto a battlemap to haggle or hinder, and roll to hit in one click as a rogue keg robot or float by as a flumph
Read and search Acquisitions Incorporated in or out of the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop
Drag & Drop 49 illustrated tokens and figures onto a character sheet or battlemap to bring player characters and NPCs to life

Accessing Your Roll20 Content

Accessing the Compendium
You can access all of the rules, player options, monsters, and more from Acquisitions Incorporated in and out of the virtual tabletop.

In game
On the web

Using Your Addon
Acquisitions Incorporated includes an addon filled with maps, handouts, and tokens that you can add into a new or existing game. On the Game Details page, scroll down to the Game Addons section. Select the desired addon from the dropdown menu and then click Add to Game. The next time you enter the game, everything from the addon should be available.

Using Art
You can access the Character Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in Roll20. These assets are only available for use inside any virtual tabletop game session.

Which Character Sheet should I use?
All 5e Open Game License content on Roll20 uses the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet.

Bug Reports
If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Roll20 Help Center.


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