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Publisher: Micro RPG

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go.

It is winter time, the holiday season, and you are trying to get home to grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, a sudden viral outbreak has just kicked off the zombie apocalypse. Now going through the woods to grandma’s just got a lot harder . . . and more deadly. 

In A Zombie Holiday, you play a young woman trying to get home to grandma’s house in time for the holidays. To do this, you will have to move through the woods, fighting zombies, searching for supplies, and dealing with bad weather. 

Will you be able to make it to grandma’s in time? Or will you quickly freeze to death and become zombie food?

This is a Roll+Write game. All you need is the game sheet, some dice, and a pencil! 

A Zombie HolidayPrice: $0.99