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Publisher: Whispering Tales Studio

Early Release Alert!

Please note that this is an early digital release of the game supplement. We are excited to announce that a print version is currently in the works and will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for supporting Whispering Tales Studio!

Welcome, brave souls, to the extraordinary realm of the supernatural with “Echoes of the Unknown: A Field Guide to Entities & Demons”. This immersive 60-page RPG supplement serves as a vital companion to your adventures in the haunting game world of Echoes of the Unknown.

Dive into detailed descriptions, learn about their unnerving abilities, and take heed of important safety precautions and survival tactics for your encounters.
Each entity is accompanied by a D12 encounter table, offering a collection of typical interactions that can be used to shape your narrative and challenge your skills.
The guide also features captivating full-page illustrations, adding a layer of visual depth that enriches the lore and realism. Personal stories from the author’s experiences with each entity provide a diary-like touch, fostering a deeper connection to the spectral world.
Fuel your curiosity with theories and speculations on the supernatural world, the nature of afterlife, and the connections between human experiences and these otherworldly entities. Explore unsolved mysteries, offering potential new adventures and research for your game sessions.
This journal also contains unique annotations from previous readers, an exorcist, and a scholarly priest. Their experiences, while personal, add another layer of insights and tips for dealing with each entity.
Make the field journal your own: add your own notes, thoughts, and experiences as you traverse this spectral world. Echoes of the Unknown: A Field Guide to Entities & Demons isn’t just a guide—it’s a living document, recording your personal journey through the supernatural.

With this compelling field journal by your side, tread confidently into the realm of the supernatural and face the chilling Echoes of the Unknown. Are you ready for the encounter?

Disclaimer: This product features artwork generated by Midjourney AI and text that has been generated and edited with the assistance of ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. While these AI tools have been integral in the creation of our content, the final product has been carefully curated, refined, and quality-checked by our dedicated team at Whispering Tales Studio to ensure an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

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