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Publisher: Gamingbrew

5E 2022 Subclass Bundle!

This 5E subclass bundle features a glorious collection of all 33 subclasses I released in 2022! Includes the following subclasses:

1. Artificer: Gardener
2. Artificer: Weaponmaster
3. Barbarian: Path of the Caveman
4. Barbarian: Path of Dragon’s Blood
5. Barbarian: Path of the Machine
6. Barbarian: Path of the Triceratops
7. Bard: College of Cupid’s Arrow
8. Bard: College of the Loud Mouth
9. Blood Hunter: Order of the Old Hunt
10. Cleric: Odyssey
11. Cleric: Wild Magic
12. Druid: Circle of Prehistoric Beasts
13. Druid: Circle of the Reaper
14. Druid: Circle of Vermin
15. Fighter: Combat Medic
16. Fighter: Packleader
17. Monk: Way of Efflorescence
18. Monk: Way of the Luchador
19. Paladin: Oath of Artillery
20. Paladin: Oath of Christmas Spirit
21. Paladin: Oath of the Schemer
22. Ranger: Flock Caller
23. Ranger: Snake Charmer
24. Rogue: Arcane Siphoner
25. Rogue: Black Quill
26. Rogue: Devils Tongue
27. Rogue: Ruffian
28. Sorcerer: Aboleth Spawn
29. Sorcerer: Blood Bound
30. Warlock: Groveborn
31. Warlock: Krampus
32. Wizard: School of Culinary Arts
33. Wizard: School of Hematurgy

Hey! I’m Brews, and I’ve been a Dungeon Master for over 20 years. Now, I create an insane amount of 5E content to enhance your D&D games, and host multiple campaigns in the World of Erenel! My mission is to provide you with premium gaming content while telling inspiring stories across all media types. 

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