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Publisher: Michael Tresca

From Ahrimazda to Yaag-Nesh and Everything in Between!

This supplement contains 34 species and 71 subspecies drawn from across the Retroverse, ranging from the water world of Wysoom to gaseous planet of Raji, from the steaming jungles of Sosel to dead world of Crypt, from the fantasy world of Welstar to the gothic realms of Perdow.

Every core species is covered, including dragonborn, dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human, and infernal. More exotic species include the monstrous argus, catfolk, celestials, classical, elemenkin, equus, golemkin, jotunborn, lycan, nightborn, and unliving. There’s also 14 new species, including the ahrimazda, arakun, behemoth, bloodworm, homarid, illex, kanku, kuroa, kreen, mycene, risetroll, treefolk, vipyr, and yaag-nesh.

With six worlds to choose from, the Retroverse is chock full of inspiration, but the best place to experience it is the game itself at

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