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Publisher: Seafoot Games

Ruins of Darkwater Village

Flowers and waterlilies bloom in grimy water along the broken boardwalks and muddy bone encrusted mounds of earth.

The scent of damp earth wafts on the breeze, mingling with that of the rotting timber. Damaged barrels of fish oil are piled high alongside crates of dried, salt-packed fillets which have been mostly raided. Derelict buildings crumble, tiles falling from their roofs and supporting structures giving away to leave deadly gaps in the higher boardwalks.

What You Will Receive 
A home-printable 40×30 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20.

Download Contains

  • Home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages.
  • 300dpi .JPEGs of the map for A0 poster printing or VTT.
  • 72dpi .JPEGs of the map for VTTs.

Map image

Map image

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40x30 Battlemap - Ruins of Darkwater VillagePrice: $2.98