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Bars. Pubs. Clubs. Taverns. Every one has a favorite in Cyber City. Whether you’re a cop or criminal, a tech or a wreck, nomad or madman, everyone has a place where they go to hang out and relax, or just retreat into and feel nothing at all.

This list is for any dark future game setting (like Cyberpunk Red, Cyberpunk 2020, Carbon 2185, Shadowrun, Aeon Punk, Altered Carbon, GURPS Cyberpunk, Android, etc.) where rumors, rock music, food, and lonely people hang out and interact. Or get drunk and smash heads. Game Masters are strongly encouraged to select a theme for the bar – such as a veterans bars, beer hall, brewpub, cocktail lounge, hotel bar, biker bar, nightclub, dance club, classic “fern” bar, an executive/private bar, karaoke bar, wine bars, sports bar, etc. Finally, there are also a few fight clubs designed for combat (these spots feature gambling related to injuries and body count and will usually limit weapons).

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: Name of the bar, club, lounge, or pub.

Example 101: Jaspberry Ram


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200 Names of Cyber City Clubs and PubsPrice: $1.00