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Publisher: Fishwife Games

This list contains 100 different modern business names and descriptions that are ready to populate the various buildings and shopping centers on your urban location map.  The designer of this 100 list offers a wide variety of businesses for the GM to quickly roll up or manually assign. Some places are better to drop into the seedy side of town while others are more appropriate for the nicer areas. Some locations are struggling per descriptive while others are thriving or have positive qualities. Some locations would make for good adventure worthy encounters or settings while others are more suitable as “bystander fluff”.

Though best suited for modern/crime, super hero settings, etc., this product could also be easily used to name off businesses for post apocalyptic locations or provide common “everyday” shops for near future dystopian or cyberpunk settings. Also suitable for urban backdrops for zombie outbreaks and other modern horror.

Sample Rolls:
6    Alyssa’s Wig Shop (located in run down shopping center)
18    Caballero’s Old Style Butcher Shop (recently robbed)
26    Dirty Dollar Pawn Shop (shady owner with sordid past)
36    G & D’s Wedding Shop (owners are daughters of a local judge)
50    High Town Framing Shop (closed on weekends and Mondays)
65    Law Office of Francis, Kilgore, and Behlen (well known in area)
87    Silver Platter Catering (temporarily closed by health department)
98    Whitlock’s Web Design (family owned business)

100 Modern Business Drop InsPrice: $1.00