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Publisher: Azukail Games

Not every merchant in a fantasy setting has a fixed abode, for whatever reason, and this supplement has 100 merchants, or those who can be broadly described as such, to meet on the road. Some are honest, some are not and some are incomprehensible. They sell a wide range of goods, from the ordinary to the enchanted, to the unusual and just plain junk. They can be used to enliven a journey, as people to trade with and in some cases as spurs to adventures.

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Here are some sample results:

Irdis Mallac: Irdis’s wagon can often be heard approaching from some distance away. Not because the wagon is itself noisy, but because of what Irdis carries in stock; birds. Irdis sells birds of many different types, from humble chickens and ducks to trained raptors and other birds of prey. Some of the birds on the wagon consider most of the others prey, which can make things very noisy, when a bird of prey sees lunch just out of reach, and lunch sees its potential killer back. Irdis will usually have something to sell, even if it’s just eggs and feathers, for so many birds can produce quite a lot of both during the merchant’s travels. Raptors are rarely for sale, as these are more often than not already earmarked for sale elsewhere.
Jaga Milden: Jaga is the proprietor of “Jaga’s Slightly Used Magical Goods,” a travelling merchant with the name proudly written on the side in large characters. Jaga sells a wide range of magical items, though all at the lower end of the market, and all for less than would be expected. In addition, it’s clear that all of them have had some use; in some cases, this is potions with only part of it remaining or scrolls where everything really useful has been read. They do have a range of slightly used permanent items as well, that seem to be a bargain, but that’s because these are better described as being slightly cursed. None of the items have truly dangerous or debilitating curses, but all of them are cursed in some minor way.
Jel the Invisible: Jel is accurately named as they, their wagon, the horses pulling it and all their stock are invisible. Not by choice, from the sounds of things, and the invisibility isn’t typical either, being permanent and affecting anything that Jel owns. What they sell, however, does become visible again after a few days, including their wagon and horses, should they be sold. Items given away do not, but money used to purchase does. It’s hard trading with Jel without the ability to see the invisible, because it’s never entirely clear what they’re selling. Or what change they are giving in return. Jel’s goods are good quality, though; disappointed customers are those who thought they were buying something different. Jel can be heard on the trail, because the wagon and the horses have many bells dangling from them, and the wagon makes a loud, discordant ringing as it moves.
Jenara Lithin: Jenara sells a service, not a good; they transport items from one location to another, guaranteeing that the items in question will reach their destination. On the surface, this just seems to be transporting goods, a fairly common pursuit, but Jenara’s service is a little more specialised. They don’t transport bulk goods and rarely transport anything that cannot be carried by a horse and rider, specialising in small, valuable items. Given that Jenara also doesn’t ask any questions about what they are transporting, they are often used by criminal groups to transport illegal items from one place to another, and Jenara is very good at hiding whatever they are transporting from anyone looking for it.
Kargan Tarrisk: Kargan is a seller of mechanical farm tools who travels to villages and hamlets and isolated farmsteads with their heavy wagon containing, and towing, mechanical devices intended to make the job of farming significantly easier. And, indeed, what Kargan sells can make farmers’ lives easier. When the tools work correctly. Kargan is a little slipshod when it comes to finishing off the last details of the tools’ designs, and of making perfectly certain that everything is working correctly when they are assembled. For many goods, when they are designed and manufactured with such a degree of carelessness, this often just means that they don’t work correctly. When the items have features such as rotating blades and moving mechanisms, the effects of a malfunction quickly become unfortunate to say the least. Places Kargan has visited can be spotted by missing limbs and untimely deaths.

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