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Publisher: Doppelgänger Publishing

100 Fantasy Landmarks CR 11+

All your locations look the same? No ideas on how to create a new exotic place to send your characters? This book is for you! The 100 Fantasy Landmark series offers you 100 seeds of fantastic locations to develop. Each result contains a fantasy landmark name and a random table of possible encounters.

Based on the 5th Dungeons and Dragons monster manual, 100 Fantasy Landmarks is largely compatible with most of med-fan rpg.

The version you will soon hold in your hands provides 100 fantasy landmarks for groups of adventurers levels 11 and above.

Example of outcome:

(Swamp – avg. CR 14)
1. d6+2 Ogre
2. d2 Yuan-ti Abomination
3. d6+2 Swarm of Poisonous Snakes
4. 1 Adult Black Dragon
5. d2 Young Black Dragon
6. d4 Shambling Mound


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100 Fantasy Landmarks CR11+Price: $1.00