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Publisher: Crimson Terrain

10 Things Found in Abandoned Spacecraft

A Collection of 10 things you could find during your Spacefaring Adventures!

You might find all sorts of things floating around in abandoned spacecraft. Tormented souls, ancient relics, and forgotten treasures are just waiting to be discovered. But what else might you find?

This collection of 10 things gives you a preview of the wealth of possibilities for what your players might find during their spacefaring adventures. Each entry includes a short description that provides potential roleplaying opportunities and possibilities that could arise from this discovery.

From innocent (but still valuable) items like medical supplies and frozen food to more sinister finds like cursed items and dismembered remains, there’s something for every kind of RPG game out there.  If you like what you find here remember there is an even larger book of 100 Things Found in Abandoned Spacecraft available to expand the possibilities!


So whether your players are looking for some new roleplaying opportunities or you’re just curious about what sort of things might be lurking in those abandoned spacecraft, this book is for you! 

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