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Publisher: SagaRPG

SagaRPG Presents…

Darkwood Adventure Arc #4: The Hidden and the Horrifying

Written by Lars Lundberg and Nick Johnson

To end the Worg Wood threat the PCs must learn the secrets of an awakening corruption. An island in the middle of the river protected by ancient magic. A ritual being performed that must be stopped at all costs. But even if the PCs are successful in their duties to “save the world,” have they in fact “saved the world?” Or, are they playing into the hands of the mastermind?

This adventure is a sandbox of fun.

In MMO speak: Let the PCs’ get called to different faction leaders with a quest icon, allow them to accept the quest and fill up their quest journal then let them complete quests in any order. Not only are there Main Story Quests, but there are optional Side Quests (See Side Treks: Working in Darkwood for three side quests that explore more areas and build out more of the Worg Wood). Completing the Side Treks are optional and can be done before or after finishing the Main Story Quests.


Fourth adventure in a 5-part series.
Designed for 4 PCs level 11
187 Pages of Content!
Darkwood grows! See two new businesses that started! One with a building map, and the other has a battlemap! Why a battlemap in town you might ask? Maybe some fighting happens, maybe we had extra money in the graphics budget. Either way it’s a whole lot of fun!
5 New Magic Items
5 New Regional Mundane Items
2 New Minor Artifacts
2 New Special Materials
1 New Spells
10 New Monsters
2 New Monster Templates
2 New Divine Entities & Religions
A Gazetteer of more areas in the Worg Wood for you to develop your own adventures using this setting.
6 Pixie Dust adaptations called “(something) Sprite Dust.” Fey come in good and evil varieties, and so does the dust they carry around. If Tinkerbell was a sprite in this world, she would have lots of Gold Sprite Dust!
New Druid Archetype called Primalist who can specialize in either Aquist (water), Aurist (air), Terrist (earth), or Verdist (plants)
New Rules on Creating your own Mob – Think swarm but for larger creatures than Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny! Oh my! Now you can have an angry mob of human commoners, just like you always wanted!
Multi-Layered PDF with GM map content can be toggled on/off in Layer’s Panel of PDF.
Mobile display (96dpi) interactive PDF version about 15.8MB
Full display (300dpi) interactive PDF version about 85.6MB
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