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Publisher: Aconyte Books

Explore the town of Arkham, setting for the beloved Arkham Horror series of tabletop games, in this comprehensive, full-color guide to its people, places and strange goings on…

It is the Roaring Twenties. Hot new music, new dances and the drama of Prohibition occupy the nation’s attention. The sleepy New England town of Arkham is no different, except that here something strange is stirring – and for those who look, the signs are there to see…

Arkham is the setting for the Arkham Horror series of tabletop games, famed for their blend of pulp action, sinister mystery and unworldly horror. Now, for the first time, the town of Arkham itself takes center stage in this lavish, full-color, illustrated hardcover. From Miskatonic University to Arkham Asylum, the Nightingale Club and the Silver Twilight Lodge, people, places and events are presented in evocative detail, bringing to life the immersive, distinctive world of Arkham Horror.

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