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Publisher: K Noel Jenkins-Moore

Summer, 1934: the heat is up and the heat is on as the Great Midwestern Crime Wave that began the previous year reaches dramatic new heights. Watching from the sidelines is Billy Foster, a young small-time thief hiding out in the supposedly haunted system of underground tunnels and abandoned speakeasies he calls “Undertown.” After growing up in the shadow of the Prohibition-era underworld, Billy considers the larcenous life a thrill, even as he tells himself he only steals to help his family through hard times.

On July 22, John Dillinger, whose exploits Billy followed closely, is killed by federal agents. The very same night, Billy comes face-to-face with another subject of his fascination: a Chicago Outfit gangster known to him as “Jericho Nelson,” murdered five years earlier, a man who played a brief but important role in Billy’s life. His encounter with the other side will force Billy Foster to confront his past, his own mistakes, and his place in the bloody history of Chicago’s underground.

UndertownPrice: $0.99