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Publisher: Ephiroll Productions

Detective Young wakes up in a hospital room and finds that he is turning into the same thing that killed his wife: a vampire. A notion that he no longer laughed at as he set out in pursuit of his wife’s murderer and the defiler of his body.

Roek finds himself in London, Ky after escaping the mess he’d created at his previous hunting ground. He is unaware that he is already being hunted.

Haskel Peters and Sonja Murray prepare the United States Variation Unit, or USVU, for yet another bloody hunt. They’re unaware that they’re stepping between another man and his revenge

Series info:

From the wilds of the Old West to the newest technology, werewolves, vampires, and other monsters have adapted to changing human history and conditions. Some of them hid from society, some of them joined it, but they were all hunted from time to time. Join Corp. Barnett, Roek, Detective Young, the USVU, and others as the ‘horror’ is put back into ‘monster horror’, along with some dark comedy.

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