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Publisher: Pegasus Pulp Publishing

Thirteen tales of Christmas by Hugo finalist Cora Buhlert.

Romance, cozy fantasy, murder mysteries, pulp thrillers, science fiction, horror and humor – we have all that and more.

Watch young people find love in the pre-holiday shopping rush at Hickory Ridge Mall, at a Christmas tree lot, on the parking lot of a shuttered outlet mall and at the one bar in town that’s open on Christmas Eve.

Experience Christmas in Hallowind Cove, the permanently fog-shrouded seaside town, where strange things keep happening.

Watch as Santa’s various helpers unite to depose him.

Follow Detective Inspector Helen Shepherd and her team as they investigate the death of a robber dressed as Santa Claus as well as a wave of thefts at a Christmas market.

Meet Richard Blakemore, hardworking pulp author by day and the masked crimefighter known only as the Silencer by night, as he fights to save an orphanage from demolition in Depression era New York City.

Watch Alfred and Bertha, an ordinary married couple, as they decorate the Christmas tree and live their marvellous twenty-first century life.

Experience Christmas on the space colony of Iago Prime as well as after the end of the world. 

Enjoy thirteen novellas, novelettes and short stories in six genres.

This is a collection of 118000 words or approx. 390 print pages. 

Contains the following stories:

  • Christmas Gifts
  • Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart
  • The Crappiest Christmas Ever
  • Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café
  • Driving Home for Christmas
  • The Bakery on Gloomland Street
  • Revolt at the North Pole
  • A Bullet for Father Christmas
  • Santa’s Sticky Fingers
  • St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen
  • The Tinsel-Free Christmas Tree
  • Christmas on Iago Prime
  • Christmas after the End of the World

The Christmas CollectionPrice: $4.99