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Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd


Every hero has allies; men and women of great ability and character, drawn into their orbit by circumstance and adventure. This was never truer than for Sexton Blake, Britain’s greatest detective

From the splendour of the Orient Express to the quite countryside of the Chilterns and the vast Australian outback, Sexton’s allies battled the worst criminals of their age.

James ‘Granite’ Grant, The King’s Spy, steps in to save the Crown Jewels. Ruff Hanson, the dynamic American Gunsmith teams up with Splash Page, ace reporter, to investigate a mysterious Ghostmobile in Buckinghamshire, while the formidable Mademoiselle Yvonne Cartier seeks vengeance Down Under, in a fight not just for justice, but her own future.

“Makes Jack Reacher look like a bungling amateur…definitely not be missed.” — The Crime Review

This digital edition includes the EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) versions of the book.

Note: Due to territory restrictions this title is only available in certain countries.

Sexton Blake’s AlliesPrice: $6.99