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Publisher: Sebastian Baar

Echoes from the Aether is an anthology series of short stories that take place in the setting of my own creation.

Series III takes place in the Omniverse timeline – a high-magic, sci fi space opera.

The story follows the ruling figures of the Federation as they analyze and explore a mechanoid planet that has appeared out of nowhere and has stayed dormant for the past 100 years. What will they find in the depths of this mysterious planet and is the potential knowledge in its databanks worth the risk? What lies in its mainframe could help them stop the Machine Wars that are ravaging the Omniverse once and for all…if they can retrieve it.

DISCLAIMER: The story features some gory imagery and strong language.

The book is currently available in AZW3 (Kindle)EPUBMOBI (Kindle) and PDF, with print-on-demand format on the way!

If you like the book, take a look at EDGE RPG, the roleplaying game that the setting in the story is based on!


Disclaimer: This book is not and never will be politically motivated in any way.

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