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Publisher: Barghest Press Publishing

A wayward goddess with a problem lover, a treacherous Fae prince, and a looming war between the gods nixes Alex’s wish for a quiet life … and propels her supernatural posse into a battle for the Fae throne that threatens to bring destruction to all the realms.

After helping the goddess Hecate defeat a divine insurrection, Alex plans to spend time with her heart-family and relax … until the goddess Persephone turns up on her doorstep begging for help to stave off a war.

Persephone knew her affair with the heir to the Fae throne wasn’t smart, but she’s a sucker for a handsome face and polite manners. Every time the Fae prince kisses her hand and calls her a goddess, she melts in all the right places. Now the prince is planning a rebellion and expects Persephone to use her divine power to help him win the throne.

Word of the prince’s treachery, and Persephone’s involvement, has reached Danu, goddess of the Fae, and she isn’t happy. A Fae war would decimate her people and spill through the Crossroads into the realms beyond.

As the gods take sides in the divine dispute, Alex needs all her new-found powers to referee the brewing battle between the gods, or risk losing her Crossroads … and her new-found heart-family.

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