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Publisher: Ether Games LLC

Making plausible and dynamic characters and social structures that meet both audience expectations and the needs of the narrative is a daunting challenge to authors and gamemasters of all experience levels.  This guide presents governments as dynamic systems that affect, and are affected by, unfolding world events.  The focus of this guide is on presenting options and discussing how various choices interact with and constrain one another. Central elements include: exotic government types as well as variants of the more familiar ones, actions and events that make governments active players in the unfolding narrative, character roles that have special significance in the context of governments, and specific items and concepts that take on new meaning in the context of a political story. 

This approach supports more immersive portrayals regardless of the prominence of the government in the narrative; mere set dressing, subtle thematic resonances, and even the heart of a narrative centered around politics and intrigue are all supported.

Get ready to captivate your audience with innovative and resonant portrayals of government and politics, not just another well-worn and uninspired default.  Now, show them who’s in charge…

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