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Publisher: Rainbow Crush

Welcome to Serenity Bay, where books hold secrets, and mysteries lurk behind every page.

When Lucy Larkin and her uncle Frank stumble upon an unfinished manuscript hidden in a dresser at the Annual Antiques Street Fair, they uncover more than just forgotten words.

As the mystery unfolds, Lucy and Uncle Frank embark on a quest to unravel the truth. Can they convince Detective Johnson that a crime has been committed, or will they find themselves met with skepticism?

Now, with time running out, Lucy and her uncle must race against the clock to piece together clues hidden within the unfinished book. With curiosity, wit, and a touch of amateur sleuthing, can they unmask the killer and bring justice to Serenity Bay?

“Murder by the Books” is a page-turning journey into the heart of a small town where books can be deadly. Join Lucy and Uncle Frank in this charming cozy mystery.

Book 2 in the Serenity Bay Mysteries series

Download includs epub, mobi and pdf

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