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Publisher: Rainbow Crush

What does it take to solve a murder in a supermarket parking lot? A mischievous husky dog, an entrepreneurial high school student, and a little lasagna lady with a whole lotta heart!

When Luella Genova witnesses a hit-and-run in the parking lot of the MarketFresh superstore, it isn’t her first brush with murder. It is, however, the first time she’s witnessed the death of a teen. 

Grace Tangoco was a determined young woman working three jobs to pay for university. Her classmates and coworkers loved her, and yet nobody knew her all that well. Nobody but her secret boyfriend, who mysteriously disappeared after the hit-and-run.

Who could have killed such a kind and hard-working young girl? The police are investigating, sure, but this case can only be cracked by Luella the Lasagna Lady and her business partner Chandelle “Garlic Bread Girl” Jervais. After all, they’re the only two people who know about the teenager’s haunting last words. 

Book Two in the Lasagna Lady Mysteries series.

Murder at MarketFresh, Lasagna Lady Mysteries 2Price: $5.99