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Publisher: Critical Press Media

Book three of The Starman Saga.

“Attention all hands. This is Captain Bors.”

“The active shielding around the atomic pile has failed.”

“Everything aboard this ship has been irradiated.”

“The closest hospital is at Elijah Base on Titan.”

“All hands gather on the Omega deck.”

“We must abandon ship.”

Into the cold and dark.

Lurton Zimbardo has escaped with the leaders of his pirate mutiny. They have fled past the outermost planets into the chilling and lightless void of space. Starlight Enterprise has pinpointed a dwarf planet captured by a Nemesis star beyond the Solar System. David Foster is determined that Zimbardo will not escape him again. All he needs is a ship.

Nolan Mining Enterprise and Starlight Enterprise have collaborated to build the fastest ship the System has ever seen. Its antimatter drive and radiation-impervious armor will allow it to slingshot the Sun and escape the Solar System at speeds never before seen. The Starmen will soon have the renegade pirate in their custody and his mysterious superiors at their mercy.

If all goes according to plan.

This is the future. The way it used to be!

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