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Publisher: K Noel Jenkins-Moore

Derry, Northern Ireland, 1972: At the height of the Northern Irish conflict, young I.R.A. fighter Finley Ó Broin has a run-in with Án Mórrígan, the old Irish goddess of fate and war. The encounter leaves her body transformed and her mind buzzing with strange new telepathic powers, and helps her find a fighting spirit that cuts through her debilitating anxiety. Finley is terrified by these developments, of course — but she’s also hungry for more.

Mórrígan takes her under her wing, training her to become a priestess and oracle, and eventually, the goddess’s vessel. At the same time, Finley’s life is slowly falling apart: her marriage has turned sour, and a new acquaintance tests her commitment to the Republican cause. Finley thinks her powers are an easy solution to her problems, but if she loses control of those, too, it could prove disastrous and even fatal. Finley Ó Broin is a ticking time bomb, and when she goes off, there’s no telling how much of her Troubled country she’ll take out with her.

Incendiary DevicesPrice: $1.99