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Publisher: Storytelling Collective

A collection of flash fiction by emerging writers from around the world

Once a year, writers from around the world participate in a month-long creative challenge called “Flash Fiction February.” The goal is to write a piece of “flash fiction” (short stories under 1,500 words) every day throughout the month of February. Writers are provided simple prompts to inspire their daily writing.

Despite the short word count, writing flash fiction is no easy feat — telling a compelling, engaging story in relatively few words requires writers to think critically about every word and narrative beat. There’s a reason we call Flash Fiction February a creative “challenge,” as it empowers writers to practice their craft and explore big ideas through a narrow scope. This collection includes flash fiction written over four years of Flash Fiction Februaries. In A Flash is a celebration of these writers and their unique voices, perspectives, and stories.

Featuring stories by:

Adam Wright
Adrian Kennelly
Adrian Leech
AK Ballew
Al Stover
Alain Sarti
Alex C Walczak
Alex Neiderberger
Alexander Calzada
Alyssa Audet
Alyx Bui
Amber Logsdon
Andrew Sammler
Andy Miles
Anna Pilla
Azra Hathorne
Bianca Bickford
Bobby Timonio Nelson
Brayton Leroy Meyer
Brenna Noonan
Bruce Koopman
Carli Evangelista
Charles Huysman
Chris Chinchilla
Chris Johnson
Chris Matthews
Chris Reynolds
Christopher Harding
Colleen Parker
Craig Lawson
D.B. Graves
Dana Floberg
Daniel Dolgos
Deavon “Wyntre” Clement
Doryen Chin
E.M. Linden
Elizabeth Parmeter
Ella Ornstein
Emir Pasanovic
Endhy Pino
Eric Lyonford
Fahim Sheikh
Geneviève Laprise
George Sanders
Gerrit Deike
GV Pearce
H.R. Bumga
Heather Von Hop
Hydy Cates
J.J. McMillan
Jade Griffin
Jake Bhattacharyya
James Stroup
Jason Bremermann
Jason Fuhrman
Jay Miscia
Jessica Gunn
Jessica Nash
jessica ross
John Gibson
Jorge Diz Pico
Julia Jagolkowska
K. Ro
Kari Jo Freudigmann
Kat Cooper
Kathryn Dessinger
Kelsey Clarey
Kirsty Kidd
Kristen Seikaly
Lee B
Leith Brownlee
Logan R Miller
Luz Kaiolani Feliciano
M.J. Avery
Marco A. Torres
Mareike Wagner
Matin Izadi
Matt Poisso
Matt Shipps
Matthew J Roberts
Max Barker
Megan Lehr
Miranda Debenham
Morrigan Robbins
Naomi Barrow
Norah Opal
P.E. Pryce
Patience Bluestone
Pearce Deacon
Peter Dansk
Peter DeCraene
Philip Jensen
Quinn Blackwell
Ruth E.H.
Ryan Williams
S. L. Wright
Sadie Lowry
Sandra Catharin
Scarlette Lagorio
Sersa Victory
Shelbi Polk
Simon Cutajar
Sinan Turnacioglu
SJ Singh
Sol Adrian
Staci Crouch
Stephen Bowers
Thieves Guild
Tim Schuchert
Tripp Reade
Ty McClelland
Zachary Naldrett

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