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Publisher: L.C. Mawson

Caroline hadn’t meant to lie about her past, she just didn’t think it was relevant…

When Caroline’s betrothal to the King of the Underworld was dissolved, the fact that that betrothal had been orchestrated by an anti-monarchist group to take down the crown from the inside became irrelevant. Which was why Caroline never told her girlfriend, Mina, anything about her involvement with said group, even after years of being together and sharing a life.

But when the past comes back to haunt her, with new plans threatening to drag Caroline back into Underworld politics, she and Mina are left wondering if the future they had hoped to build together was all just an elaborate fiction.

Were a Demon noble and Human detective ever going to have a life together, or is it time for their dream to end?

HOME is the second book in The Royal Cleaner series.

Home: A F/F Snowverse Novel (The Royal Cleaner: Book Two)Price: $2.99