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Publisher: Barghest Press Publishing

Alex discovers she’s heir to a goddess’ creation…and the goddess needs her help to save it.

When human body parts begin appearing at the San Antonio Crossroads and the Crossroads Keeper dies while investigating the crime, Alex inherits a legacy in a supernatural world she never knew existed. 

Conor, a Barghest shifter and Crossroads Guardian, is doing his best, but without a Keeper, he is fighting a losing battle to maintain his humanity … and his sanity. 

A fireside chat with the goddess Hecate binds Alex as the new Crossroads Keeper, a role she has no desire to fulfill. Escalating dangers involving nightmares powerful enough to kill and long-dead souls reborn force her to investigate the darkness threatening the Crossroads and her new supernatural family.

Aided by her magical Familiar, Larry, a snarky pink-eared poodle with a chip on his shoulder, Conor, a too-sexy Barghest shifter, and an eager supernatural posse, Alex must bring the battle to the Underworld … or risk divine chaos conquering all the realms.

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