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Publisher: L.C. Mawson

She was Queen of the Underworld.

Now she’s an exile.

It had been the price of stopping her older brother from usurping the throne, but now she’s stuck on Earth with the younger brother she was never close with, and the best friend she can’t seem to think straight around.

The married best friend.

But the more time she spends around her best friend and her wife, the more she finds that her feelings don’t make sense.

She doesn’t like women like that.

Certainly not two women at once…

With the ability to look into the future, she’s never been at a loss like this before.

But since coming to Earth, her powers have been unreliable, and now she’s left to rebuild her life in an unfamiliar realm without the one thing she could always rely on.

Maybe it’s time to rely on something else.

Or someone else.

Or two someones…

You’ll love this F/F/F urban fantasy, because the fast-paced writing will keep you hooked until the end.

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Exiled: A F/F Snowverse Novel (Royal Cleaner: Book Six)Price: $2.99