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Publisher: Wildside Press

The Malice Domestic anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition—original tales with a theatrical bent! Included are:

  • Preface, by Ellen Hart
  • The Rock Star, by Frances Aylor
  • Perfectly Awry, by Anne Louise Bannon
  • The Ghost in Balcony B, by Michele Bazan Reed
  • Drama-Rama Flip Flop, by Cindy Brown
  • It’s Not O.K. Corral, by M. E. Browning
  • Mary-Alice Imagines Her Life as a Movie, by Karen Cantwell
  • The Ghost of Hamnet, by R. M. Chastleton
  • When the Wind is Southerly, by Leone Ciporin
  • Raising Cain, by Carla Coupe
  • Death of Another Hero, by Susan Daly
  • The Stars Are Fire, by Phillip DePoy
  • Death Plays the Palace, by Margaret Dumas
  • The Homicidal Understudy, by Elizabeth Elwood
  • No Final Act, by Daryl Wood Gerber
  • Deus Ex Machina, by B. J. Graf
  • The Nine Deaths in Hamlet?, by A. P. Jamison
  • Heat Wave, by Maureen Jennings
  • Thus With a Kiss, by Margaret Lucke
  • Such Tricks As These, by Jaquelyn Lyman-Thomas
  • Final Curtain, by Sharon Lynn
  • The Mask, by Cheryl Marceau
  • The Ultimate Tie-Breaker, by Deborah Maxey
  • True Crime, by Adam Meyer
  • A Star Goes Dark, by Raquel V. Reyes
  • Not Your Lolita, by Merrilee Robson
  • A Death in Shubert Alley, by Lee Sauer
  • Dance on Fire, by Shawn Reilly Simmons
  • Missed Cue, by Lynn Slaughter
  • You Know How Actresses Are, by C. M. Surrisi
  • Five Words, by Elaine Togneri
  • Ask Fred the Usher, by Arthur Vidro
  • Death Takes a Bow, by Mo Walsh
  • Deal With the Devil, by James Lincoln Warren
  • Method for Murder, by Carol L. Wright

This digital edition includes the PDF, EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) versions of the book.

Ellen Hart Presents Malice Domestic 15: Mystery Most TheatricalPrice: $6.99