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Publisher: Brian Jar Press

Cody Jones owes the corp a lot of money. Decanted from a cryotube with a mountain of debt and very few options, she works corporate black ops in Downside—home to the gene-freaks, gangs, and dispossessed who don’t have a place in the gleaming towers of Helix City.

Cody’s latest job is simple: recover a fresh cache of cryogenically frozen citizens from a local gang before they’re bartered to the highest bidder. Deliver them to Bellamy and knock a little more off her debt.

Pity the gangs have their own ideas about how this deal needs to go. What should be a simple recovery gig sees Cody and her partner caught in a conflict between the hulking kaiju-gangers and drug-addled zealots, and both sides have plans for the sleepers just might change Cody’s world forever.

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