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Publisher: Brain Jar Press

Keith followed orders.

He came back home.

He freed his soul and laid claim to a magic sword.

But Keith Murphy doesn’t have time to rest, because his sorcerous partner Danny Roark is out of commission and the end of the world is thundering towards humanity like a freight train on steroids.

As the elder entities from the depths of the Gloom break through the veil of reality with increasing regularity, Keith is forced to assemble a rag-tag army of demons, seers, and reluctant allies to stop Ragnarök from occurring.

But the return of the apocalyptic Raven Cult fills the Gold Coast with sorcerers determined to ensure the apocalypse happens right on schedule, and it will take more than a 9 millimeter pistol, a magic sword, and a motley crew of comrades to foil their plans this time.


File This Book Under: Hardboiled Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Criminals and Secret Worlds, Reckoning With the Past, Fighting Against the Odds, Alliances and Betrayals, Noir and Dark Magic, You Can’t Go Home Again.

Read it if you loved Chuck Wendig’s The Blue Blazes, thought Jim Butcher’s Storm Front needed more guns, wondered if Lee Child’s Jack Reacher would make a great monster hunter, or always wanted the action of John Wick blended with the occult world of John Constantine.


All the grit and growl of the golden age detectives let loose upon the monsters and magics that keep us fascinated (and occasionally afraid) as we curl up on the couch at night. Ball is masterful in his use of tension, with a knack for keeping readers glued to the screen or page. His ability to showcase emotional connections and complications without devolving into self-pitying monologues or poetic meanderings give the stories an action movie vibe that adds tension and focus to the stories.” Kylie Thompson, HushHushBiz

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