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Publisher: A.L. Hawke

Cora has it all, but she doesn’t have a man. They keep dying on her.

She is the immortal Greek goddess Persephone, drinking and reveling in a Malibu beach house in the twenty-first century. But no matter her wild antics or psychotherapy, nothing can ease the pain over her latest husband’s murder. Except perhaps the prudish but handsome Mr. Gabriel Cartwright.

Gabe is a young East Coast realtor who’s hired to transfer her things to her new home in Toronto. Cora likes him. He has such a kind and sweet heart. But her lover holds secrets. He is a member of a nymph race that Imada, an ancient order of gods, has been hunting to extinction; a race Persephone has fought millennia to protect. That’s why she hired him. She wants to be close to him. She wants to care for him. Only Imada cares for Gabriel too—they want him dead.

Cora will protect her man or tear Imada apart trying.

Although CORA, in her full-fury, is a part of the Furies series and chronologically takes place before My Evil Eye, CORA is a complete stand-alone novel that can be enjoyed without reading any of the other books.

Content warning: CORA is a contemporary urban fantasy romance containing profanity, sex scenes, and adult situations.

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