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Publisher: L.C. Mawson

A kingdom in need of a princess, a planet in need of protection, and a girl caught between.

3 books. Over 500 pages of battling monsters, forbidden romance, and magical girls kicking ass.

The last thing Claire wanted was to leave. The only thing Hate wanted was for her to stay…

Waking up to find that her girlfriend had left to claim her royal birthright on another planet sucked, though Hate wasn’t sure if it sucked more or less than the fact that she was now down a leg and a pair of kidneys, her body having to make-do with cybernetic replacements as she tries to piece her life back together in Claire’s absence.

As far as Claire was concerned, leaving was about the hardest thing she had ever had to do. Or at least, it was until she finds herself thrown into the shark-infested waters of Rena politics.

Claire left Earth only to find that keeping herself and her sister safe would be harder than she thought. But at least everyone back home is safe now that she’s gone… Right?

This collection includes the second trilogy of books in the Aspects YA sci-fi series. If you’re a fan of anime like Sailor Moon and RWBY, and love kick-ass heroines with equal parts heart and attitude, you’ll love this fast-paced sci-fi adventure.

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Aspects: Books 4-6Price: $5.99