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Publisher: Zindagi Comix

From Max Traver, Indie Comics Spotlight June 2021:
“This deeply personal, epically cosmic, and serenely spiritual series…is an excellent, original, totally engaging story with both an enormously metaphysical and seriously intimate scope. The writer/artist of most of the issues, and the creator of the series, Ken Bouthillier, decided to teach himself how to make his own comic book series after having what some of us would call a near-death experience. From the first page of the first chapter, you can tell that he’d always had the potential to do this within him. And it only gets better from there. Zindagi (which means ‘life’ in Hindi) is about the creation and destruction of the universe. It’s about the life and death of gods, but it’s mainly a story about us: the mere mortal humans who struggle to make a difference with the brief candle of light that is ours to shine before it goes out. The story takes place in the farthest reaches of space, in the depths of the mind, and in the heart of creation itself. It also takes place right here on Earth, right now. It’s a can’t-miss comic book reading experience. Ken shows a continually improving mastery of storytelling, weaving an ever-expanding tale with tighter and tighter connections, all without losing a feeling of tonal continuity. The art varies from color to black and white and back as it suits the story, and Ken pulls off some amazingly acrobatic shifts in style and page design along the way.”

Ancient Hindu gods. The balance between creation and destruction of the universe. And, the journey of Zindagi, an artificial life form destined to become the Mother Goddess of Earth itself.

181 pages Total. Collects Zindagi issues #1 – #10, orignially published in magazine form 2018 – 2021 by Zindagi Comix. Includes the Hindi version of Chapter 7: Tone, as well as story  published in Lucky Comic’s 5th Anniversary issue of Beetle Girl.

Foreword by Jatinder Ghataora

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