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Publisher: Talk Comics

Third of 3 chapters of THE ORB mini-series

The Orb contains the history and essence of an extinct millennial civilization. Whoever becomes its holder will possess immortality and the power to change the course of history by his actions, for good or for bad. Arrived on Earth millennia ago, three beings will be the holders.
Coveted by an inter-dimensional race of creatures using the Sources, existing portals across the cosmos and created by a mysterious race, our heroes will fight a battle across time and space. 
The Holder, the Black Shaman and the Templar will be forever linked through this story written by Thierry Lancelot and brought to life by the talented Christopher Orpiano.

Cover B (creator cover) : Yves Guichet (penciller) – Admira Wijaya (inker+colorist)

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