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Publisher: Evans Comics

Leilani Escalante, better known as Lani, is a 21-year-old that lives in San Diego, CA. She was raised by her grandfather, Lolo G, after her parents died in a car accident shortly after her birth.

Lolo G was part of an ancient organization called Ang Ilaw, or “the light.” Their purpose is to protect the people of their cities from an evil organization called Ang Dilim, or “the dark.”

Ang Ilaw get their powers, or gifts, from The Water of the Light, which is a big hot spring in a remote island in the Philippines named Batanes. Powers are given to those that are descendants of other members of the Ang Iilaw, if the water decides that they are worthy and strong enough to inherit their own gifts.

Lolo G trained Lani in multiple practices of martial arts, and how to be unseen and invisible. He taught her how to survive by stealing from members of the underworld in the city.

When Lani was 17, Lolo G was murdered doing reconnaissance on a drug distribution ring that is led by a trafficking and distribution mogul named “The Puppet Master”. This tragic moment broke Lani, and she went into deep depression.

When it felt like her life and purpose were slowly falling apart, and even though her training with Lolo G was incomplete, Lani went to the Philippines and entered The Water of the Light. Her hope was that she was worthy and strong enough to receive her own gift. There she was given the power of superhuman strength.

Lani has taken care of herself since, and took on the job as Ang Ilaw master in her city. She does the work that she inherited from Lolo G, and has also been tirelessly investigating his murder. Lani believes that somehow this is all entwined, and that all roads will eventually lead to Ang Dilim.

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