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Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd

World’s Changing. Doesn’t Mean Dredd Has To.

Mega-City One, 2082. In two short years, Judge Joseph Dredd has tackled hardened killers and would-be revolutionaries; he’s taken beat-downs and bounced back; and he’s even arrested his own brother.

There’s no such thing as a “normal year” in the Big Meg.

In his third year on the sked, he’ll become embroiled in the growing anti-robot movement; he’ll head back out to the Cursed Earth; and he’ll fall afoul of the secretive SJS – and not for the last time…

This digital edition includes the EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) versions of the novel collection.

Note: Due to territory restrictions this title is only available in certain countries.

Judge Dredd: Year ThreePrice: $5.99